Explore the Chances for Back Pain Relief

You do not have back pain but you want to take care of it to avoid possible problems? Some measures in daily life are usually sufficient to prevent this risk.

Back pain: tips to avoid pain

It is called the “evil of the century”, and this study shows how much this adage concerns the English. A survey, which draws the first national report on their relationship to back pain, shows that almost all English people are now victims of back pain (nine in ten English). In addition, 38% of them say they have suffered from back more than ten times in the last five years, which means that more than a third of English people are very regularly confronted with back pain.

It should be noted that women appear to be significantly more at risk since 61% of them state that they are often affected, compared to only 39% of men. Among the many existing solutions to relieve back pain, none can seduce the majority of respondents. In fact, nearly one in five says they do not cope with back pain. The others indicate that they combine on average 2.3 treatment modes for their pain.

The drugs are the number reflex, since 52% of respondent’s use of ant painsocket, oral analgesic or anti-inflammatory in the form of cream / gel. Unsurprisingly, the more frequent the pain, the lower the level of satisfaction: 31% of respondents who say they often have back pain are not satisfied with the solutions offered to them. In the end, only 22% of English people say that they are completely satisfied with the solutions they use to treat their back pain.

Move as much as possible

Better to bet on the prevention and to maintain this part of the body before this one poses problems. Because most often, it is because it is too little or poorly solicited that the back becomes painful. It is therefore essential to maintain a good general physical condition by practicing a suitable physical activity.

“Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of most back pain, because it causes a weakening of the muscles in general, those who maintain the back in particular. Most of the time, the back pain comes from the muscles, ligaments and back joints that are not used enough to move and get tired ‘so quickly, “says the institute. Make also a visit to https://narinder-grewal-md.business.site/ for getting more information on this.

But physical activity will be beneficial to treat back pain only if it is done in good conditions. This is an effort preceded by a warm-up, progressive, adapted to physical abilities, including breathing and with well-controlled technical actions.

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