Emu Oil Cream Review

I buy Emu Oil cream with butter for my mother, she is 64 years old, for several years (6) I have been sending her with each package. My mother’s reviews are positive, she likes him and she sees the results of the effects of this cream, asks to send him more. By automatically buying creams for her, I didn’t think much about what this cream actually represents. Curious, I went to Google.

And I found the information that you read above, and, in addition, in English I found a more detailed description of the effect of this oil. The main thing that was valuable to me, Emu oil cream cleanses the skin of acne, inflammation, even dermatitis and eczema.

My skin is problematic, prone to inflammation, irritation and allergies, so I decided to try my mother’s cream on myself.

The cream is thick, white, with a weak, cheap perfume fragrance. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated, but matte, without any shine. Since I have my own, successfully used face cream, I decided to apply Emu oil cream with oil only once a day, after the bath, but several hours before applying my regular night cream. Pimples on the face did not disappear in seconds, but today, after 3 weeks from the beginning of this cream, I saw a wonderful result in the mirror – the skin looks more dense, stretched and elastic, there are no subcutaneous and external inflammations, and the complexion is fresh. I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use this cream.

I specifically called the post “Properties and application of Emu oil cream, because any cream containing this oil will give the same results, and not just the cream that I send to my mother and use myself. Do not break and look for this particular cream. Buy any that contains this oil.

And more, today I was in the store and I saw on the shelf a bottle of Emu oil cream, ready for application to the skin. Of course, I bought it. When applying the sensations are the same as when applying any other oil – a shiny layer on the surface of the skin, which does not disappear even after half an hour. But for me it is not a problem, just wet your face with a napkin. The main thing – the therapeutic effect of this oil. The cream is easier to use, and the oil can be used as a face mask or for other therapeutic purposes described above.

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