Air conditioning guide – problems and solutions

In this article you will find the answers to some of the most common problems related to the installation of an air conditioning process. Divided into five sections, this guide is intended as a first aid to detect the origin of a problem but remember that you should always contact an authorized good at aircon repair Singapore services to solve it.

Repairing the central air conditioning process

What happens when your central air conditioning process does not cool or cool very little? This tutorial will show you how to solve problems and repair your air conditioning process so you can be cool without having to call technical support.

Problem: The air conditioner does not turn on

Possible solutions:

  • Ensures that the thermostat is in the “cool” position and not “off” or “hot”.
  • Confirm that the thermostat is cooling causing it to be fixed at a lower temperature than the current environment.
  • Check the 240 voltage circuit breakers that control the air conditioner / condensing unit compressor and the 120 voltage circuit breaker that controls the fan or independent air handler are in the “on” position. If circuit breakers have tripped or a fuse has blown,then reactivate the circuit breakers or make replacing the fuses. If you reactivate the circuit breaker or replace the fuse and fail again, call the service technicians, as one may have a more serious problem.
  • Check that all switches in and around the air conditioner are in the “on” position, including the external safety switch that is usually located on an exterior wall near the condensing unit.
  • Check if the condensate collection tray has excess water. When this tray is used, there may be a sensor that turns the unit off when water accumulates in the tray.
  • Check that the fan door on the air handler is properly closed.

Problem: Little air flow in the ventilation grilles of the rooms

Possible causes:Usually a poor air flow results from a dirty air filter or from a duct that has been blocked, corrugated or disconnected.

Possible solutions:

  • Confirm that the air filter is clean. If it is dirty, clean or replace the air filter.
  • Visually inspect all ducts to make sure they have not been disconnected or corrugated. This includes ducts that may be difficult to access in attics, basements or crawl spaces. Repair or connect as necessary.
  • Check the ventilation grills in the rooms to make sure they are open.

Does all these sounds confusing to you? Then surely take guidance from good at aircon servicing professionals before experimenting anything.

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