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Emu Oil Cream Review

I buy Emu Oil cream with butter for my mother, she is 64 years old, for several years (6) I have been sending her with each package. My mother’s reviews are positive, she likes him and she sees the results of the effects of this cream, asks to send him more. By automatically buying creams for her, I didn’t think much about what this cream actually represents. Curious, I went to Google.

And I found the information that you read above, and, in addition, in English I found a more detailed description of the effect of this oil. The main thing that was valuable to me, Emu oil cream cleanses the skin of acne, inflammation, even dermatitis and eczema.

My skin is problematic, prone to inflammation, irritation and allergies, so I decided to try my mother’s cream on myself.

The cream is thick, white, with a weak, cheap perfume fragrance. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated, but matte, without any shine. Since I have my own, successfully used face cream, I decided to apply Emu oil cream with oil only once a day, after the bath, but several hours before applying my regular night cream. Pimples on the face did not disappear in seconds, but today, after 3 weeks from the beginning of this cream, I saw a wonderful result in the mirror – the skin looks more dense, stretched and elastic, there are no subcutaneous and external inflammations, and the complexion is fresh. I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use this cream.

I specifically called the post “Properties and application of Emu oil cream, because any cream containing this oil will give the same results, and not just the cream that I send to my mother and use myself. Do not break and look for this particular cream. Buy any that contains this oil.

And more, today I was in the store and I saw on the shelf a bottle of Emu oil cream, ready for application to the skin. Of course, I bought it. When applying the sensations are the same as when applying any other oil – a shiny layer on the surface of the skin, which does not disappear even after half an hour. But for me it is not a problem, just wet your face with a napkin. The main thing – the therapeutic effect of this oil. The cream is easier to use, and the oil can be used as a face mask or for other therapeutic purposes described above.

3 Benefits of Combining MCT Oil with CBD

Before cannabidiol started being researched by scientists and entered the public debate, MCT oil was among the most popular extracts used in the United States. This fatty substance is extracted from coconut oil, with high absorption rates and an amazing effectiveness in promoting fat burning and an enhanced metabolism.

Middle-chain triglycerides are natural antioxidants which regulate blood pressure, relieve inflammation and even prevent certain neurological conditions. MCT oil is a food-grade substance that is typically added to drinks and meals or consumed sublingually.

Once the benefits of cannabidiol were understood, expert scientists began wondering whether it would be possible to combine its powerful effects with other oils to enhance its rate of absorption. This is where the term “carrier oil” comes into place; CBD is mixed with MCT oil, which is easily absorbed by the body and can transport cannabidiol directly into the circulatory system to enhance and speed up its effects. However, middle-chain triglycerides can make CBD tinctures better in a several ways:

1)   MCT Enhances the Absorption Rate of Cannabidiol.

Middle-chain triglycerides are among the fats with higher bioavailability levels. This term refers to the percentage of a substance that is absorbed by the body, which varies depending on both the composition of the extract and the administration method. For instance, intravenous medicines have bioavailability rates of almost 100%, as they go directly to the circulatory system of the body.

While CBD oil is most effective when taken sublingually, its bioavailability is still lower than that of other fatty substances. On the other hand, MCT has one of the highest absorption rates, with a large percentage of its components making their way to the body.

As both MCT and CBD are fatty substances, they can be mixed into a homogenous oil. The high absorption rate of middle-chain triglycerides is therefore added to the well-known properties of cannabidiol. The result: a CBD tincture with all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant with the impressive absorption levels of MCT.

2)   Middle-Chain Triglycerides are Natural Anti-inflammatories.

One of the main reasons for cannabidiol’s popularity is its effectiveness in relieving inflammation. Customers from all around the world have started using this hemp extract to deal with conditions such as arthritis or to simply cure bruises and inflammation resulting from injuries.

Apart from being a useful carrier oil, MCT has natural anti-inflammatory properties on its own. This substance has been used for years by athletes to relieve inflammation after workout sessions. Combining it with cannabidiol allows both extracts to work together and deal with sore muscles, abnormal tenderness or swelling.

MCT oil has been proven to effectively reduce the amount of C-reactive proteins (CRPs) in the body. These biomolecules are inflammatory markers which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease when in abnormal concentrations. On the other hand, hemp-extracted CBD oil is able to deal with inflammation by balancing the endocannabinoid system and interacting with crucial functions in the body.

3)   Middle-Chain Triglycerides can Prevent Several Health Conditions.

CBD is often used by customers who want to prevent certain diseases, which is done by balancing the endocannabinoid system and controlling how the body’s crucial systems work to fight toxins and deal with ailments. MCT is also able to prevent several conditions, although acting in a different manner. Unlike CBD, medium-chain triglycerides directly fight bacteria and viruses. MCT is also a powerful anti-fungal agent which can treat infections after reaching the affected area through the circulatory system.

Along with usual pharmaceutical medications, MCT has been commonly used by nutriologists to treat disorders related to food absorption such as diarrhea, celiac disease or liver ailments. Furthermore, MCT is also able to reduce the levels of triglycerides such as cholesterol and therefore prevent related conditions such as atherosclerosis.

How Can I Choose the Best MCT-Infused CBD Oil?

As with any cannabidiol product, the most important factor to take into consideration is the growing, selection and extraction techniques used by the company. The best CBD businesses are backed by quality certificates and their hemp plants are grown organically without pesticides, artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals to boost production. It is recommended that you read customer reviews and consider the experiences of previous users before purchasing the product.

One of the most renowned companies offering MCT-infused cannabidiol tinctures in the United States is Diamond CBD. All their products are made with organic hemp grown domestically and carefully selected to include only the strains with the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Clean extraction processes using CO2 or cold-pressing methods are superior to those which require artificial ingredients or heat. Only the best extraction techniques are able to preserve all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in the final product. For tinctures including MCT oil, it is important to know the sources of it as well.

How Does MCT Affect the Taste of CBD Oil?

If you have tried unflavored CBD tinctures, you might have realized that the natural taste of hemp is rather bitter and earthy. MCT oil, on the other hand, is completely tasteless after the extraction process. Therefore, the only effect it has on CBD is diluting its natural flavor and enhancing its absorption rate.

For customers who do not like the taste of raw hemp tinctures, Diamond CBD and a few other companies in the United States provide MCT-infused cannabidiol with essential oils which enhance its flavor. Among the most popular natural flavorings, peppermint and lavender are at the top of the list. As these extracts are also oily, they can be mixed with both CBD and MCT and even enhance their effectiveness and taste simultaneously.

Is MCT-Infused CBD Oil Legal?

The answer is yes! While several state legislations had allowed the production and usage of cannabidiol, the recently-passed Farm Bill expands the legality of CBD to a national level. All products containing THC levels below 0.3% are not considered psychoactive, and therefore they can be legally produced, sold and consumed nationwide. Using CBD on a daily basis does not cause any of the effects commonly associated with cannabis.

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